1. Ghent
  2. Night Shift Ghent 2017

Night Shift
Ghent 2017

  • Saturday 25 March 2017
  • 17.00h - 5.00h
  • Eskimofabriek
    Wiedauwkaai 23, 9000 Ghent

What to expect at
Night Shift Ghent 2017

Night Shift 2017 brings together creative entrepreneurs for a new way of doing business, while a DJ provides the perfect vibes for the evening at each edition.

Starters and established entrepreneurs come together to get to know people, services and products in an inspiring, informative and informal ambiance.

For the fifth year in a row, the Night Shift collective scales great heights in a number of Belgian cities. In the meantime, the events have amassed a solid reputation


The ‘Night Shift Conferences’ is an initiative where national and international guest speakers can share their ideas. The Night Shift Conferences are set to be a not-to-be-missed get-together for entrepreneurs during each associated evening event in Ghent, Antwerp, Kortrijk & Hasselt.

Night Shift offers interesting themes, debates and inspiring guests selceted by premium compagnies and organisations.

The entrance to the Conferences is included in the entrance ticket. The ticket sales run through the event page on this website or try to get a hold of a free entrance ticket by one of the exhibitors or partners. 


Conversation Starter

Standing alone holding a cup of coffee with no one to talk to?
It’s not just an event attendee’s nightmare—it’s an event organizer’s nightmare, too! That’s why we love using Conversation Starter.

How it works for attendees
Before the event, attendees share with each other what people they would like to meet and the expertise they can offer.

With a single click, attendees invite fellow attendees to meet at the event.

At the start of the event, attendees receive their personal schedule of meetings.

Previous edition
of Night Shift

Exhibitors 2017

Alcobrands alcobrands.be
Alpha Worx www.alpha-worx.be
Altar Gent altargent.be
Audience www.audience.me
BMW Verstraeten www.verstraeten.bmw.be
Bouwmeester De Clercq www.bouwmeesterdeclercq.be
Buro Project www.buroproject.be
Café Costume www.cafecostume.com
Cashfree www.cashfree.be
Chaqwa www.chaqwa.be
Coeur Catering www.coeurcatering.be
Dropsolid dropsolid.com
Elto www.balto.be
FAEK www.faek.be
French Beans www.frenchbeans.be
G&M Speyer www.speyer.be
Gent Store By Verstraeten www.gentstore.mini.be
Glossy.tv www.glossy.tv
Happy Kiddo happykiddo.be
Hello crowd! crowd.hellobank.be
Home & Trends www.homeentrends.be
iFinco www.ifinco.be
Konvert www.konvert.be
Lambrecht Wijnen www.lambrechtwijnen.be
Landbergh www.landbergh.be
Leander Personal Training www.leanderpersonaltraining.be
Levi Party Rental www.levipartyrental.be
MaisonRouge www.maisonrouge.be
Mazars www.mazars.be
Miraeus www.miraeus.com
OC Vastgoed www.ocvastgoed.be
Peter D'Haese www.dhaese.bmw.be
Print A Gift www.printagift.be
Provan Motors www.provanmotors.be
Safe Security safesecurity.be/nl
Schoonheidsinstituut Celine nagelstudioceline.be
Screentech www.screentech.be
Simon Claeys www.claeyssimon.be
Supercolor supercolor.be
Supervaat www.supervaat.be
Teamleader www.teamleader.be
The Cloud Studio cloudstudio.gent
The Mobile Make-up Bar www.themobilemakeupbar.com
Time2Pay time2pay.eu
Tomorrow's Belgian Dandy www.cedricvanhoeck.com
Treespoke www.treespoke.com
Tsjing www.tsjing.eu
VOKA - Kamer van koophandel - Oost-Vlaanderen www.voka.be/oost-vlaanderen
Vranken Pommery www.vrankenpommery.com
Woodstoxx www.woodstoxx.be

Exhibitors 2016

Benoit Dewitte by Dîner Privé www.diner-prive.be
BMW Peter D'haese dhaese.bmw.be
BMW Verstraeten www.verstraeten.bmw.be
Book'u www.booku.be
Bouwmeester De Clercq www.bouwmeesterdeclercq.be
Bubble Post www.bubblepost.be
Bulthaup Gent www.bulthaupgent.be
Buro Project www.buroproject.be
Carpet of Life carpetoflife.com
Cloud www.clouddesign.be
Co-Vibes www.co-vibes.com
Coeur Catering www.coeurcatering.be
Conversation Starter www.conversationstarter.net
EV-Verhuur www.ev-verhuur.be
Excellence Travel www.excellencetravel.be/nl
FAEK www.faek.be
Feral Group www.feralgroup.com
Forcit www.forcit.be
Fotografie Bonjé www.emiliebonje.be
G&M Speyer www.speyerinsurance.com
HOOM design www.hoomdesign.be
Icorda www.icorda.be
Intervent www.intervent.be
King George www.kinggeorge.land
Koffice www.koffice.be
Koperhuis www.koperhuis.be
Lambrecht Wijnen www.lambrechtwijnen.be
Landbergh Vastgoed www.landbergh.be/nl
Levi Party Rental www.levipartyrental.be
Like Birds www.likebirds.be
Lumi & Co www.lumico.be
Madam Bakster madambakster.be
MaisonRouge www.maisonrouge.be
Mini Gent Store www.gentstore.mini.be
Mini Office www.mini-office.be
Nanopixel www.nanopixel.be/nl
Obumex www.obumex.be
Pozyx www.pozyx.io
Proef www.proef.club
Provan Motors www.provanmotors.be
PUUR GENT goo.gl/zDj4Q6
Quizwitz www.quizwitz.com
Romain Roquette romain-roquette.be
Safe Security www.safesecurity.be
Skili www.skili.be
Solvas www.solvas.be
Sonos Europe www.sonos.com
Square+ www.squareplus.be
Start it @kbc www.startit.be
Supercolor www.supercolor.be
Talentdepo talentdepo.com
Thienpont Sound & Vision www.sonos-gent.be
Tradewinds www.trade-winds.be
Trayble www.trayble.be
Turner - Dewaele www.turner-dewaele.be
Van Den Weghe www.vandenweghe.be
VOKA - BRYO www.bryo.be
Vranken-Pommery www.vrankenpommery.com
Wandman www.wandman.be
Woodstoxx www.woodstoxx.be